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amoa-enligne is part of the websites dedicated to employment and contact exchange between people who contribute to satisfy the human needs of companies.
The services have been elaborated in the purpose of establishing a contact exchange based on trusting and harmonious relations.
Our work is based both on a principle of double commitment and on the lift of anonymity for customers.
These requirements are materialized by principles, contacts, and controls.
The principles are described in this charter which, as soon as they accepted it, commits the partners to an approach of mutual respect and protects them against eventual abuses.
Each user accepts the general terms of use related to the use of the websites and the peculiar conditions related to each service by validating a form.


The website's management team commits to:
- Take necessary measures to guarantee a functioning of the website which is complying with the effective legislation;
- Not open its pages to advertisement or to information likely to harm public policy and moral values;
- respect the legal rules of competition;
- Guarantee free services for applicants to employment (posting of application, posting of resume, consultation of the job and internship offers);
– Respect the rules of e-mailing by refraining from sending non solicited mass messages, by any means, towards the website and its users (Spamming).

Pursuant to the general conditions above-enacted, the management team commits to maintain legal functionalities on its websites (compliance with the the law on IT and civil liberties’ rules of confidentiality and protection of the nominative information, and with the French Employment Code provisions).
It is prohibited to establish discriminatory practices founded on ethnical, religious, philosophic, political or gender criteria.
In order to satisfy the legitimate needs and expectations of the users, it reserves the possibility to:
- proceed to selective publication of information based on the nature of the skills and on their adequacy with the offered jobs;
- not publish any job or internship demands and offers, any resume or any applications which are not appropriate to their object, which are likely to harm our website or third parties, which conflict with the laws or which do not comply with the functioning rules of our websites;
- not give any indication on the precise motive of each rejection.

The direction of the website reserves the possibility not to publish applications, resumes, information, and offers which:
- Do not comply with the law or professional ethics in use in the profession;
- Seem to be likely to harm the concerned;
- Do not respect the functioning rules of the website;
- Give nominative references on persons or companies;
- Do not specify the compulsory information, especially the one concerning the dates of effectiveness of the offers and the demands.

The main criteria set for the execution of human or automatic controls, previous to online publications or to the removals from publication, are as following:
- Non-compliance with the rules for the use of our websites;
- Non-compliance with spelling and grammar rules;
- Absence of information in the “compulsory fields”;
- Inscription of information off the fields designated for this purpose ;
- Attempts to circumvent the rules relating to anonymity of persons, companies or institutions;
- Not precise enough job descriptions;
- Requirements unrelated to the offered jobs;
- Attempts to circumvent the rules relating to payments;
- Disrespect of the human nature;
- Exposure of the geographical, phone, or e-mail details of the applicants;
- Attacks on the information and references confidentiality;
- Applications for not enough specified jobs;
- Applicants profiles unrelated to the sought jobs;
- Inadequacy with the sought job or incapacity, especially linguistic, showing through in the formulation of cover letters or resumes.

The users of the website commit to:

- Respect the functioning rules of the website, which are described in the terms of use;
- Refrain from transmitting data on the network which could harm natural or legal persons;
- Transmit authentic and sincere information;
- Update or remove offers or demands, as soon as the website requires them to do so.

Protection of personal data

In compliance with the law:
- The website is declared at the CNIL (825811).(French Data Protection Authority)
- All measures are taken to ensure the confidentiality of the information. In the case that the breach of confidentiality results from misdemeanours or that the responsibility of which lies with the concerned themselves, the management team reserves the possibility to eventually resort to legal proceedings.
- Each user commits not to deliver, through the information he provides, any third party’s personal data without his express authorization.


The suppliers commit to take particularly care to:
- Supply enough information. Especially, job offers must at least consist of: industry, designation of the job, description of the activities to be undertaken, type of work contract and its time if it is a fixed term contract, workplace, publication date of the offer and, if possible, amount of the earnings;
- Publish non-discriminatory offers, without any prohibited criteria;
- Make sure that the job offers comply with the effective legislation (art. L. 122-45 et L. 311-4 of the French Employment Code).
- Ensure the topicality and authenticity of the offers;
The control of information made by the website's management team before the publication of the job offers, does not free the supplier from his commitments.


A – The website's management team and the supplier commit, as far as each one is concerned, to:
- Solicit and respect the choice of the applicants;
- Maintain the anonymity of the applicant or allow the publication of his contact details with his consent;
- Give the applicant or have him given all useful information to allow him to complete, update or reactivate his resume which has to specify its date of publication or update,
- Give the applicant all indications on the result of his application and its eventual removal from publication. (It is understood that the website's management team can not substitute for the eventual employer to produce information on the result of the application).

B – Rights of the applicants on their resume:
In compliance with article 27 of the 06 01 1978 (CNIL) law n°78-17 on “IT and civil liberties” of January 6th, 1978, the applicant disposes of a right to access, rectify, and suppress the data which concerns him.
He can remove his resume or modify the information which concerns him at any time, through the link of direct access to the resume modification / removal forms.
In this case, he must imperatively indicate his first and last names, his e-mail address, and the name of the website and service he subscribed to. We are not in a position to remove resumes saved by network search engines; therefore, we decline all responsibility concerning the presence online of a resume saved in one of the said search engines. We are responsible for the removal of a resume from our system only, and not from the search engine.


amoa-enligne grounds its activity on a selection of experienced advice which is able to provide high quality services in response to strict requirements.

amoa-enligne commits to:
Present, for each service, the best skills with the best techniques available.
Develop a labelling policy.
Develop a network policy.

The counsel commits to:
Keep informed of the state of art in its field of activity and to gain all the corresponding know-how,
Conform to the general and professional ethics in use in the profession and to the complementary rules proper to amoa-enligne,
Work for amoa-enligne only in the fields in which it has a confirmed expertise,
Cooperate, if necessary, in multidisciplinary teams by sharing and capitalising knowledge and experience with all amoa-enligne,
Inform amoa-enligne on the flow of his assignment,
Introduce to the actual clients or prospects the skills and services offered by amoa-enligne,
Make its contribution to spread the coverage of the areas of competence and increase the geographical influence of amoa-enligne.
Answer within 24 hours to an information request on amoa-enligne.

The obligations imposed on each are profitable for everyone.

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